L.A.W.L.S. is an acronym for "Large Air Whales Like Silence," the title of the webcomic created by Denis Caron in 2010. L.A.W.L.S. started as a single comic, intending to be a Gag-a-Day, with a very loose story. Eventually, however, it became a rather complex and more investing story which no longer allowed Denis to write random jokes about other things that interested him. As a result, L.A.W.L.S. was split be split into 3 individual parts. L.A.W.L.S. [Story Mode], the original storyline; ALT. a spin off about the main characters in regular day scenarios: dating, playing video games, getting coffee, etc; and Words of Interest a comic about leaning fancy words. The following are more detailed break downs of the the comics. [ Click the comic's image to read on. ]

[ Story Mode ] 


Come along on an adventurously awkward journey with the story’s main characters Joseph, Autumn, Cadence, and her pet monster Rudy, as they find themselves in the midst of a world of intrigue. While every character may have their own motivation for joining the party, one thing’s for sure, they all seem to have it in for Joseph.

This comic is a mysterious romantic comedy with themes of pop culture, music, classic video games, and even a hint of magic lore. In this universe, animals can talk, whales can fly, and hats can have a deviously snarky attitude towards humans!

IMPORTANT NOTES: This comic is currently on hiatus while Volume 2 is being worked on on the side lines. Announcements will be made on the Facebook and Twitter accounts when it will return. Estimated to update in the Fall. Volume 1 will be released in print by the end of the Summer.



An alternative universe to that of L.A.W.L.S., centered around ALT(ernative) culture; tattoos, games, pop culture, etc. This comic is categorized as a Gag-A-Day, but is designed to help you understand the characters more individually, in their own ways. It is intended to be humorous to the casual reader but still has a connection to the characters in the main story for people who know them.

Officially launched as it's own project in January of 2012. Instead of just taking a straight up hiatus on making comics while working on Volume 2 of the main story line, this was created to explore the characters in a more loose and fun way!

Words of Interest


An investigation of strange and unusual words told in randomly sophisticated ways. Some of the characters of L.A.W.L.S. (ie. the Whale and Squid) show up in this comic, but is strictly a Gag-a-Day with no connection to prior content. This comic started as a filler strip on the L.A.W.L.S. site and even though it now has it's own website, it is essentially still is a filler comic. It will eventually be printed in it's own book as well.