Why hello all you fancy humans, it's been a while since I've written a long ended post... I apologize, both for always writing long ended posts AND because I haven't been keep you brain things in the loop as to what is going on in the world of Corvink and L.A.W.L.S.! I've had some comments on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and the like, both incredibly touching and extremely rude from different people wondering what's going on. For those of you who have expressed your concerns for my well being, I thank you dearly for your support. When I see these things it reminds me of exact why it is that I create. For you. For the trolls who don't seem to understand that I am in fact not a binary coding language that creates on a whim, but rather a mere mortal being who's creations are dependant on my personal well being, all I can say to your comments is this. Now Gentlemen, Gentlewomen and Horidtrolls, let us venture into the hypothetical reality that is the year 2013:


I know for a lot of you, the reason you've followed me through the years is because of my comics. As readers it sucks to feel abandoned by your creator right as you begin to feel so invested in the characters you've been following for some time. For this, I am sorry. I too miss my characters and am dying to get back to writing them! That being said, I have in fact been writing again... quite a bit actually. I've stock piled a number of Words of Interest, drawn a few ALTs with a few more on the drawing board and written out the first half of Vol. 2 of L.A.W.L.S.! For some of you I'm sure your thinking: "Woah you tease! WHY ARE YOU WITHHOLDING!?!" Well... It's simple. I wanted to make sure that I could really do this again and truly dedicate myself to my art. BUT to do that, I needed to understand a bit about myself first.

In the last half of 2012, I spent most of my time soul searching and questioned everything about myself, including what I was doing with my life. Obviously, that meant that I needed to sit and think about my comics... why am I drawing them? To understand that inquiry I had to go pretty far down into myself to understand my motives for doing pretty much anything. I realized that my raison d'etre, or reason for being, is to give. I've always been a helper. I studied psychology in my undergrad at University with the hope I could one day be a therapist. I still do work with individuals who have Autism as a part time job, but that in itself has never been enough for me. It took me a while to understand and accept why this is. I found that as much as enjoy helping these families that I work with, that the creative side of my mind can't really handle not creating. From writing music in high school to drawing comics through college, my hands have always had to be making something. This lead me to believe for a stint of time that my raison d'etre isn't to give, but to create... but I quickly realized that these things are not mutually exclusive. To put you heart and soul, your blood and tears and every ounce of yourself into your creations, in hopes that you could affect even one person in a positive light, is, in itself giving. The reason I create is to give a part of myself to those of you who I can make smile, laugh or feel connected to something, in some way. This is is why I make comics.

Acknowledging this fact, I began to fall back in love with drawing, writing and all that I've done in the past few years. The thing now is, I have to insure myself that I won't cross that line again where I literally sacrifice my well being over my work. My way of doing this was to work ahead, make sure that I'll be able to post on a regular schedule while spending a reasonable amount of time on other parts of my life that are important! Now that I've gotten a pile of comics done, the time is near when I will be posting again! So... let me give a bit of a tentative schedule as to how I'd like to post in the next few weeks.

NEXT WEEK, I'm gonna take it easy and just ease into posting: Tuesday - WORDS OF INTEREST Thursday - WORDS OF INTERST

THE FOLLOWING WEEK, and hopefully all weeks that follow will look something like this: Monday - ALT Wednesday - WORDS OF INTEREST Friday - WORDS OF INTEREST

Once I get into the flow of things, I'd like to start adding some L.A.W.L.S. back into the mix... but lets make sure first that I can get these up! Sound fair?


Now that I've explained everything with the comics, let's talk about Corvink! Realizing how much I love art, I found that posting comics the way I was before my hiatus, I started loathing them! I think this is because I cease to explore other things that interest me. I am not JUST a webcomic artist, I am an creator! Which means I want to create! So, how do I rectify this, this time around? Well it's obvious. I need to focus on making art pieces, explore the world of gallery exhibits, and tinker with ideas that interest me. I wont be doing this as much as comics, but I will be part of the overall agenda and very important to why Corvink exists! Along with this, I'm also going to be exploring other things like clothing, jewelry, toys, sculptures... etc. It's easy to see this as me just wanting to become a "glorified merch dealer," but that is simply not the case. In the years that I have been exhibiting at conventions, I've seen some of the most creative people in the world bring some of the most amazing and unique things to the floor. I wan't to be one of those people. Not just someone who shits out a new shirt design just to make a few bucks. Rather someone who can make items that you not only recognize because they are cool and unique, but something that connect with and want because they make you happy in some way! My mission for 2013 is to try to bring more of just that to the table! AND with your help and support, I'm sure that I can! So, let's move on to this years scheduled events. (If you know of any others, please, let me know! I'd love to try to do as many more of these as I can.)