Q&A: L.A.W.L.S. Vol. 1 Production F.A.Q.

When will I receive my Hardcover copy?

I actually spoke briefly with my printers on this topic today. The books themselves (all 1900 of them, including soft and hardcovers) are approaching the coast as we speak. Unfortunately the guy I spoke to wasn’t able to give me an ETA on exactly when I could expect them, but they should be at the Long Beach port soon. Once they arrive, Jefbot and I will be renting a U-Haul and picking up both his and my books at the same time. One possible complication my arise, depending on if they arrive next week or not, where I may possibly be out of town. If this happens, I will attempt to arrange something with Jeff to pick them up OR we will just get them when I get back, the first week of September. Once they are in my hands, give me about a week to package, finish any last sketches I owe to you guys, and ship them to you. Basically, this whole thing is based on whenever the boat decides to float on over to California!

I upgraded to a Hardcover Edition and received a Softcover, WHAT DO I DO?

I’m aware of this issue and I apologize for this mishap. Fortunately this only happened to a very small handful of you. I checked my records and a majority of the upgrades had not been shipped just yet. If you were one of the few you received a soft cover, please contact me directly. I have come up with a few different ways to resolve this issue with you. Regardless of which choice you choose, I will be offering anyone effected by this a discount coupon for your next Corvink purchase on top of whatever it is that we discuss as a solution.

If other people have received their Softcover Edition of L.A.W.L.S. Vol.1, why haven’t I?

This is completely my fault. In the sea of shit that hit the fan this past few months, I completely miscalculated the amount and sizes of shipping materials I was going to need to get the number of books/prints/sketches all out to you guys. I’m sorry for the delay, but I’m just waiting for new materials to arrive. Once they come in, I will finish the rest of the orders and send them out to you. Remember though that next week I will be on a much needed vacation, and wont be able to fill orders til I return. I appreciate your patience, this whole ordeal has been quite the learning experience for me and I apologize that you’ve all had to deal with my learning curve. Luckily Vol.2 or any other books that I produce in the next years, I will know how to better get them to you in a timely matter!

When will I receive my Canvas Printing of the L.A.W.L.S. Vol.1 Cover?

Due to the fact that these are limited edition, special orders, I’ve had to deal with these separately from the production of the books. Not only do they need their own production times, they have to be shipped as “over-sized” packages. Because of this, they will take a bit of time to arrive to your houses. I will be having them shipped directly from the printers that I’ve found, to you, so I will at no point handle them. I believe for the most part they should be getting to you by the end of September, unless you are International (which I know some of you are). In the case of International shipment, please be patient. Due to customs and other things I’m probably not aware of, they may take some time to get to you.

When will you be resuming your comics? 

This is the question I have been getting the most from you guys. It definitely makes me happy to see that you guys are still enthusiastic about my work and nothing would make me happier to get them back out to you ASAP, but this is the one problem that will have the longest solution, unfortunately. These last few months I’ve been in a rather deep form of self-exploration/understanding, planning, and re-evaluation. As much as it saddens me to say this, I’m coming to realize that the comic (the way that I was going about it anyway) had become a form of poison that was slowly seeping into all parts of life. I had at some point become so focused on making sure that I was able to get a post up 3 times a week (with the ambition to get them to 5 times a week) that I started ignoring my future plans (ie. Grad School), my girlfriend, my friends, my dog, and my health. For some reason, I weighed the importance of the comic itself as #1 and it took up nearly 90% of my time… only leaving me 10% to try to make time for all those other things that in all honestly, I’m finding are far more important to me in the long run. I don’t want to wake up 20 years from now looking back at all the life that I missed out on because I took a foolish risk on something that I may or may not have turned into something successful by that time. Now, don’t miss understand me here. It almost sounds like I’m saying “COMIC DONE, NO MORE WILL EVER BE MADE.” This is not the case. I’ve just had to find and figure out a different approach on how to release them on a regular basis with out sacrificing the rest of my life to do so. My main focus at the moment is myself; namely, I need to focus on my future. How do I not only balance the creations I love to create with my personal life AND make them successful? To answer that question, truly is gonna take some time. I’ve now been accepted to Grad School in Business and plan to use the information to better understand how to make my art an actual working and functioning business WHILE at the same time creating a back up plan for another job if I by chance find that art will not get me the life that I need to live. This is the thing I lost focus on. What is it that I NEED out of my life? I’m not looking for fame and fortune… but I am however looking to better myself as a person, a person who can be a valuable part of society, friendships, family, and most importantly… be able to be emotionally and physically available in a loving relationship. It saddens me deeply that I lost sight of this. That being said, I have been able to figure out quite a number of things in the past 2 months. I’ve started to develop a plan on how to go about the comics, but I really need to start Grad School full time, get into the meat of what it meats to be a Grad Student… and THEN see if the plan I have in mind will be able to balance into that. I feel like it will, but until I’m sure, I don’t want to give you guys a final answer and disappoint you if that particular plan falls through. Anyway, rest assured, I am working on a plan. I’d like to complete L.A.W.L.S. and Anhedonia Blue and continue ALT. and Words of Interest, just please, continue to be patient with me. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, but to truly understand why all this had to happen, the way that it did, only time will reveal the answers. And if I take my time to resume my work, find myself in a better state of mind and life, I think the quality of work I give out to you guys will show and it will all be worth the wait.