Splitting Like an Atom

Well, not really. After recent discussions with friends, followers and family, I came to the conclusion that my websites really should be split. My line of thinking when I first merged all my sites was that if I was to put everything I do together into one website, it would make my life easier. This was true, to some extent, but at the cost of confusing new people. For instance, if someone was to find my work via L.A.W.L.S., and they were to click around, most linked brought them to Corvink; a website with no obvious intentions. With poetry, random drawings, comics, commissions, personal blogs, news updates about some company, and so on, it was a huge mess. On a branding standpoint, people didn't particularly know who I was as a creator, rather, they'd find this confusing thing called Corvink that created things and does commissions? I'd like to very seriously pursue commissions in the near future, but I think this endeavor is best suited for a personal website. Also, on the flip side, I'd like Corvink to be a little less personal as the brand grows and I have more people helping me at conventions.  Being able to use the words "us" or "we" feels more logical when you discuss your business to people. It more clear to business contacts that you are in fact that, a business. When approaching potential investors or distributors, having a site that is clearly for art merch (even if it's the art of a particular artist), with a single understandable mission statement, makes it far easier to pitch it's value to them. Also, there is value in not confusing a random newcomer by not overloading them with too much information when first browsing a new store. This allows them to focus on what's important; the things I created and would like them to easilt connect with and hopefully buy.

DenisCaron.com & Corvink.Com Split with similar designs.

DenisCaron.com & Corvink.Com Split with similar designs.

After deep consideration of the best way to implement all these ideas, I've decided that Corvink should be a store front, with the tagline "Occult Emporium," a verbal description of my over arching theme of all my current, and future projects. For those of you who don't know what occult is, it's not some creepy cultish thing, it's anything that involves the supernatural, mystical, or magical ideology, practices, or phenomena. I'll go more into this more in future posts, but for now, at least you can get an idea of where I'm going with all this.

Outside of Corvink, what you see here on this new site, is anything from poems, inklings,  as well as my exploration of art (including my occult themed drawings). L.A.W.L.S. (all 3 comics), again, are on their own but can now all be found on their own website! This is something I've wanted to do for years! This has made me really happy, and excited to get back to creating comics! Which, I will have announcements about as well soon.

One final note is the complete overhaul of design and my decisions on this. My websites used to all be dark and black to relay that sense of "goth culture." Taking on the term occult, you'd assume that I'd want to keep the black color scheme, but instead I went a completely new direction. I have two reasons for this:

  1. White is clean, easy to view, and removes all connotations of my work being some sort of "dark satanic pit on the internet." I hate that goth is synonymous with satan and evil. Rather, this is now a place to focus on art and creations that explore occult ideas.
  2. I didn't feel the need to have a cliche "black" is goth, website anymore. You can get that by exploring the work, without having to make something that visually weighs you down. After spending time on the internet and exploring occult, alchemy, magic related websites... almost all of them take themselves TOO seriously and go with that black theme to oversell the idea. I quickly found myself developing a distaste for that sort of look. 

Thank you all for your patience and support while I've gone through this strange creative journey in the past 2 years! Now go forth, explore the new site, check out the new Corvink store or reread some comics. Don't forget to check out DenisCaron.com and Corvink.com on your phones! They've gone completely mobile! Hopefully one day I can do this with LAWLS too; just need to find the right plugin or developer to help me with this. Anyway, I'll talk more with you guys soon! Comment your thoughts, if you have any. :]