Unconscious Ink Returns!

For a lot of you I’m sure you don’t even know what Unconscious Ink is or even what sort of significance it had towards the development Corvink. Well, don’t feel bad about that, because I barely understand it myself! Haha. No, really though… Unconscious ink is/was an exploration of my artistic abilities as well as a way for me to free flow ideas that don’t really have a purpose other than the fact that I want to draw something fun and/or challenge myself with new techniques. It was one of the first internet projects I ever did; before L.A.W.L.S. but after Reeder Rabbit. Which was significant because of the time between those two projects I was able to grow a lot artistically; not to mention figure out how to even really get into a more professional flow of how to post on the internet and use social media. 

Recently I’ve had conversations with a few other artists about artistic growth and figuring out your voice amongst the thousands of artists out there in the world. What was interesting to me is that I would keep coming back to my first projects as a refection of where I came. In having these discussions it dawned on me that maybe it would be a good idea to post these online again to give people a reference point of my growth to show people how much I’ve changed artistically, what things I tried and the subtle development of my own voice as a result of this project. So, I spent this last weekend putting filtering through my horribly organized photoshop files and compiled this new series on the site called “Unconscious Ink Inklings” or just “Inklings” on the menubar. 

The current collection dates back to 2007 and runs until 2009 with a few random drawings I did of Pokemon in 2011. I hope to expand upon this project in the next year or so as I feel like I’m in another sort of creative moratorium, in which I know I still want to do and create comics but as Corvink grows, I want to grow artistically as well. I’ve started to develop a few plans for this, but for now, let’s leave it at that, explore some of my strange creations and I’ll catch up with you later with more news soon!